We offer

Investment consulting,

We provide top class consulting services both in small projects and large investments. We:

  • facilitate contacts and attract business partners,
  • mediate in business development and search for orders,
  • represent customers in relations with public administration authorities,
  • search for buyers of our customers' services and products.


In detail, our services include:

Investment planning:

  • programme and spatial guidelines for implementation of investment plans, including cost estimates, 
  • development and updates of maps for project purposes,
  • identification of sites for investments and routes for line infrastructure,
  • valuation of real properties, estimation of damages,
  • acquisition of land for investments: real property lease agreements, transmission easement, limitation of real property use rights,
  • drafting changes to zoning studies for specific communes,
  • drafting changes to local zoning plans,
  • environment studies: information sheets, environmental impact forecasts, environmental impact reports, natural inventory,
  • geotechnical research, geotechnical and geoengineering documentation,
  • investment deconfliction with infrastructure owners/administrators, 
  • obtaining all decisions, opinions, permissions etc. required to obtain the building permit, 


  • complete multibranch project documentation at every stage of the investment: conceptual designs, building permit designs, detailed designs, workshop designs,
  • design documentation for detailed technical solutions, 
  • execution guidelines: work and acceptance standards, assembly instructions, welding instructions, production test and trial instructions,
  • supervision documentation for the UDT and TDT,
  • specialist studies regarding mining, power engineering, aviation, land infrastructure,
  • hazard and operability (HAZOP) analyses, industrial failure analyses,
  • fire documentation,
  • complete instructions regarding: processes, workstations, EHS, fire protection, operation and maintenance, start-up,
  • investment valuations and cost estimates,
  • applications for building and use permits.

Investment management,

  • project management – project execution for and on behalf of the Investor, 
  • investment process organisation,
  • development of investment plans, definition of the scope, timeframe and cost of the investment,
  • identification of investment risks,
  • definition of the investment coordination structure,
  • investment promotion, community dialogue,
  • project team organisation, selection of contractors/subcontractors,   
  • preparation and analysis of agreements,
  • project quality management,
  • audit and review of project documentation, verification of design solutions,
  • preparation and management of tendering procedures, selection of building contractors/subcontractors,
  • development of construction site organisation and quality assurance plans
  • project supervision and investment control in terms of design assumptions,
  • project documentation updates reflecting investment progress,
  • audits of process facilities and installations,
  • investor supervision and site management,
  • procurement and supplies supervision, supplier tests and checks,
  • geodetic support,
  • acceptance and verification of as-built documentation,
  • final CAPEX settlements,
  • accounting documentation, 

Contractor support,

We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire scope of our services under subcontracting or consortium arrangements. 

Operation and maintenance support

We offer preparation for operation of mining and industrial facilities, transmission infrastructure and operation & maintenance support.

  • keeping deposit documentation as required under applicable regulations and technical knowledge, 
  • on-going operations management and geological and reservoir supervision,
  • reservoir engineering supervision,
  • mining equipment inspections,
  • development of technical and operation documentation for machinery, equipment, structures,
  • supervision of repairs and maintenance of machinery, equipment, structures, as well as pressure and explosion protection installations,
  • periodic technical inspections of machinery, equipment, structures, including entries in relevant logbooks,
  • reporting on extraction, transmission and distribution.